Kalui Restaurant: Excitement for the Eater

I feature a local restaurant serving local food in this blog. Particularly those that are creative and covers culture. I want to support our local food industry to give them a fighting chance over large food chains like McDonald’s. Encouraging readers to dine in these places increases their love for Filipino culture and cuisine. It also helps reduce our carbon footprint. When these restaurants use food grown in their own farm, transportation emissions are reduced. And local farming and fishing communities are supported.

Kalui Restuarant: 369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. Tel: (+63) 48 -433-2580.


My first experience of Puerto Princesa is colorfully gustatory. Kalui Restaurant is the city’s pride. It offers the diner a seafood feast for the palate and a visual extravaganza for the eyes. A few blocks from the airport, Kalui is the answer to any hunger borne from a long flight. It is indeed an exciting time for the avid eater to be at Palawan’s capital.

Here are reasons to support my claim:

  1. Variety of Seafood = An Amazing Collection of Experiences

Every taste is a unique delight. Each item has a taste that is different from what you would naturally expect. Take for example their calamansi-ginger or their green mango-ginger shakes. If you hate ginger, these shakes will make you love it. If you’re not in the mood for ginger, you can order the coco-banana shake.

Their reputation precedes our visit. They have served consistently good food that their customers keep coming back. And since we go to a restaurant expecting food far better than what we have at home, Kalui will not disappoint you.

I better show you these photos.




  1. Artwork covers every nook and cranny of the restaurant.

Galleries abound wherever you go. Yes, I really mean, wherever. Including the restrooms. The restaurant showcases and celebrates local talents. Their ambience is memorable.






  1. A variety of cozy sitting areas.

Take a table for two.

A high-rise chair for you;

Or a low table for friends;

An intimate corner at the far end;

Or by the garden’s bend.







  1. Beautiful Garden Spaces.

For urbanites like me, green open spaces provide a relaxing break from the otherwise daily encounter with concrete structures. These garden spaces create an awareness of the balance of nature, its processes, and our place in nature. The first thing you’ll notice in Kalui is how the restaurant is woven around trees and plants – already a foretaste of what Palawan really offers to its guests.

In addition, aesthetic value is quite evident in their open spaces. At the restaurant, a short walk to the restroom is a colourful experience.






DosPalmas Cloe

This is Cloie enjoying the globes in one of the garden nooks. To me, Kalui can compete at the global market.

  1. Warm and friendly staff.


Customer service breaks or makes a restaurant. Kalui makes it every time! I went back before my departure to Manila.


Kalui’s Menu. I took photos of their menu for your use. Enjoy and leave a comment if you love Kalui as we  did.

Shoutout to Bambi Temeña, Bobby Matutina and Whena Pino and her family for bringing and treating me here. (Note: Bambi, Bobby and Whena are parents of my students.)


Kalui Menu

Kalui Menu 02

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