Youth Formation

  1. Sui Generis Leadership Formation

Having a passion on forming young people into future leaders, this category is about my thoughts and experiences as a youth formator, particularly in my present assignment as the Assistant Director for Formation for the Ateneo de Davao Senior High School.

The profile of our graduates is very clear: we want them to be competent in their fields, compassionate to others especially to the poor, culturally-sensitive and respectful of other people’s differences. We envision them to be people of conscience, that they know right from wrong, but more importantly, that they pursue what is right. We hope that their lives is driven by a deep faith in God, and since we are a Jesuit and Catholic educational institution, our principles are rooted in a firm faith in Jesus Christ. And thus, our mission is form them into committed people of faith.

Thus, a large part of my ministry is to equip all stakeholders, particularly faculty, staff, students, and parents, with the necessary skills for a strong and committed life of service to others with an emphasis on the needs of Mindanao.

An African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”


2. Social Media Matters

I would like to raise my students to become responsible and active citizens with outstanding faith-based values and principles, and thus, I actively engage in social media to fulfil my mission most effectively.

Social media offers the potential to communicate with the youth, and therefore, to contribute to leadership development.

This category is about my experiences, both positive and negative, in the use of social media for youth leadership development.