How to Celebrate the Holy Week Triduum When Quarantined

There are many restrictions when we have to be quarantined during the Holy Week. We won’t be at the mass with the washing of the feet, or the Visita Iglesia when parishes decorate their altar of repose lavishly (which they shouldn’t liturgically, but they do anyway). 

We will not be able to participate in Good Friday’s 7 Last Words, the Veneration of the Cross (which takes hours for some large parishes), and the accompanying procession of various scenes from the Passion, a tradition in many provincial towns. 

We will miss the dramatic Easter Vigil, the media noche when families and friends gather to feast after the Easter Vigil celebration, and the early dawn’s Salubong that fires up the faithful’s imagination of the meeting of Jesus and His Mother, Mary, as His first Resurrection appearance than that of Mary Magdalene as accounted for in the Gospels. How could Jesus forget to first appear to His Mother to greet her with great joy! In the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the retreat director presents to the retreatant the meeting of Mary and Jesus as the first meditation of the 4th Week, the contemplation of the Resurrection (SpEx, 299).

But faith-life is like water–its flow seeks for another passage when a barrier presents itself.

So I suggest the following ways to celebrate the Holy Week Triduum with these slides. 

I do hope that they can direct us to our hearts, when we cannot do so much as to stay at home. 

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