Way of the Cross when in Quarantine

We are in an unusual time. With the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), we cannot trek mountains with trails marked by the Stations of the Cross, like that in Kawa-Kawa in Ligao, Albay, Mt. Hibok-Hibok in Camiguin Island, or Mt. Bandilaan in Siquijor which culminates in a 360-degree view of the island; or do church-hopping during Holy Thursday for the Visita Iglesia; or remember the passion of Jesus in our own churches during the morning of Good Friday.

However, our confinement in our homes does not prevent us from accompanying Jesus in His way of the cross. We can be with Him, as we too make our own way of the cross, incorporating our suffering with His.

Or, better at this time, to offer our suffering in solidarity with many frontliners and Covid-19 victims who are already in great pain.

So below are slides of each station. I posted them on Twitter and Instagram for an internet retreat. I do hope these slides will help us deepen our devotion to the Way of the Cross.

The objective is a greater depth, and making Jesus’ way our own. Thus, we are not doing the Stations in one sweep, as we used to.

Non multa sed multum, as St. Ignatius would put it: not many but much.

You can take one station per half-day, or even choose which among the stations you would like to dwell on, take time to let the station sink in, and then, to reflect on your own experiences in your daily life as you try to become a good Christian. In other words, you and I are reflecting on our struggles to become like Jesus: to suffer as Jesus did.

St. Ignatius directs the retreatant to ask God for “sorrow, regret, confusion, because the Lord is going to His Passion for my sins.”

The Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, #193.

All you need, at the very least, is a pen and a journal notebook. Of course, you are free to do more than just writing. You can do an art work, compose music, or let the points just sink it while you do tiktok. You’re always free.

Below are the complete slides:

2nd Station: Jesus carries His cross—an activity. Feel free to draw or color your personal cross in your journals.
For Steps 1 and 2, refer to Station 2: Your cross. For 3-5, reflect on a concrete experience of falling ito failure, and most importantly, how you rose again bearing your cross as Jesus did.

There is a contemporary move to include Easter as the 15th Station, because Easter completes the Paschal Triduum. So why not?

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