Rethinking, again.

4 April 2020. 8:30 PM.

So I began vlogging a few days ago on IGTV and got good comments, feedback, and suggestions. And I thought maybe I should push it a little bit further. 

I guess the quarantine period has given me time to rethink my so-called life in cyberspace. I have a Youtube channel (Find it here) but I went into a temporary hiatus when Youtube had copyright issues with me. I was posting my Kape’t Pandasal videos, personal vlogs using Jesuit music, all produced by the Jesuit Communications Foundation Inc.(Jescom), which I am a part of. It seems I was competing with Jescom content. So what else could I post?

I was not doing videos that were not pertinent to my media ministry. My work was not apart from Jescom. Many of the content of my channel were the MTVs of the Jesuit Music Ministry. And at that time, I was its Director. The objective was promotion. Religious programming needed a boost, because its audience was limited. Our audience thus revolved around those who knew us– like the Ateneo community and choirs who were singing our songs. We would like to promote our videos to a wider audience since our MTVs did not look “too religious.” They were for the crowd who were not “churchy.”

When vlogging became a trend, Ernestine, the director of Kape’t Pandasal, presented the idea to me. She thought I could vlog. I was eager, but I was hesitant. I did not think I had the time, because my primary work was with the Senior HS of Ateneo de Davao University. I had challenges in terms of taking actual footages, including the proper equipment and crew—I had to do it on my own. Included in the challenge was editing. In the past, I was only a talent: I wrote the scripts, hosted the show and the rest were done by the production team. Vlogging to me, would include pre and post production.

At present, I still have a lot of ideas, but I am afraid that when I start vlogging, I’ve got to be committed to it: Vlogging required regularity. I cannot produce whenever I feel like it. 

Jescom, fortunately, will get my Youtube account white-listed. It means, I can repost my videos legitimately. It will guarantee Youtube that the content I post are Jescom products, that they are mine and that I am part of Jescom. How can I plagiarize my own content?

So here I am, in a time when being in the internet is a great service to humanity on lockdown. I’ll definitely continue creating content on IGTV.

But I’ll take the time to learn what I’ve got to know before I take the plunge in terms of serious vlogging. I’ll probably do an article in the next post about my ideas. And perhaps you can chip in. I welcome your thoughts.

I am obviously a priest. I cannot vlog like other people who travel for leisure, or those whose content has nothing to do with faith life. But I don’t want to be too “priestly” because I want content that is palatable to those who are not traditional.

There are a lot of videos out there for church people. They have great content. But I want mine to reach those who left the Church, those who are not part of the Church, or just the ordinary citizen who might be able to appreciate faith life in whatever religion they belong to. Or it would be great if those who claim to have no religious affiliation, appreciate my content.

I guess I want to go to what Pope Francis calls, “the peripheries.” 

Lao Tzu once said that every journey begins with a single step.

So let’s see where the next step will lead me.

Published by Jboy Gonzales SJ

TV/Digital host: Kape't Pandasal. Vlog: YT On the Line. Environment, Youth Formation. Music. Leadership. Always dancing to a different drum.

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