Cheap Eats Made Gourmet

Featured photo: Century Egg and Jellyfish Strips


I love pictures. I follow the photos of National Geographic @natgeo , Fantastic Earth @fantastic_earth and Abandoned Earth @abandonedearth and many great photographers on Instagram. I have been taking photographs since acquiring a point-and-shoot camera when I was a young priest to document spiritual activities (to say that attending a silent retreat is exciting!), religious music events (to promote Jesuit music) and other things Jesuit (to show that Jesuit life is worth considering!).

These photos have been taken from our retreat evaluations. Grade 11 retreats usually end after mass late in the afternoon. After departing from Angono, Rizal, the campus ministers and I would head back to the Ateneo, stopping by at any restaurant along the way. The choice of a place to dine and to discuss is determined by a modest budget. So my hashtag #OrdinaryFoodMadeSosyal or #StreetFoodMadeGourmet is just fun and creative, making any cheap eats look expensive and elegant!

I’ve taken these eats from Tien Ma along Libis. All Chinese for now. Note that these foods were not presented this way. Enjoy!

Chicken Topping



Pansit or Seafood Noodles



Oolong Tea




Xiao Long Bao (Dumpling with Soup)





Hot and Sour Soup



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