The Truth is a Simple Sentence

14 July 2010 Wednesday of 15th Week in Ordinary Time
Isaiah 10, 5-16; Psalm 94; Matthew 11, 25-27

The Gospel today tells us that the most important things in life we learn in grade school.

As we grow older, our lives become more complex. We discover worlds and cultures different from our own. We become easily influenced by mass media and now, our lives are affected by social media. Relationships have changed from a committed companionship to complicated situations. We learn to think on our own, having been raised to question reality and to process experiences. Once we enter the jungle of ideas, we lose ourselves among the trees.

But the Lord said that the truth is simple. Grammar teaches us that the most powerful structure is a simple sentence—the blunt and straightforward sentences of children. The truth is uttered simply: I love you; I am hurt; I am afraid; I am jealous; I am angry. Our deepest desires are also structured in the same way: I need you; I want to be loved; I want to be an accomplished professional; I want to help my famly; I need God; I want to feel God’s presence.

When we get older, we are challenged to embark into a journey to the inmost part of our hearts. And often, it is difficult because our past experiences and years of study pose as a distraction and barrier to find the truth of our lives. Holy men and women have discovered them in what the prophets proclaim: God speaks in the gentle wind, in the quiet of our hearts. With God, we are naked. There is no way to beat around the bush; God can see what is in our hearts — always even before we discover the painful truth.

The truth is indeed painful. We have been accustomed denying it because of shame. An accomplished executive is afraid to accept that beneath the external is a gnawing insecurity. But Jesus tells the disciples, “Do not be afraid.” Do not abandon the mission of finding the truth of ourselves (our inward journey) and the truth of others and the world (our outward journey) and the Truth Himself.

Adults can cover up the truth. Some have made concealing and distorting the truth as their lifetime career. In fact, distorting the truth has become second nature.

But children: they will tell you as blunt as they see it. Blessed indeed are the childlike.

Published by Jboy Gonzales SJ

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3 thoughts on “The Truth is a Simple Sentence

  1. Fr Jboy! 🙂 Such a cool Catholic blog! I've been trying to follow you on Twitter too pero for some reason it's not working! 🙂 Try ko ulit later. 🙂 Anyway, hope you can add me to your blog roll, and perhaps you can also follow mine: 🙂 Thanks po! Again, it was a pleasure attending your workshop! Godbless always! – Tina Rodriguez, CFC International Missions 🙂


  2. Father! Yes po! Been blogging since January 2010 lang though. I have three actually: (mostly about our mission adventures, (about homeschooling preschool)and yung latest nga, where I tried to compile all my blog entries. 🙂 May wordpress din po ako: Now ko lang po iu-update kasi I kind of abandoned it after moving to blogger. hehehe. 🙂 TY po! More power to you and God bless!


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