Why Wed in June?

My parents married in June 1966. That made my mom a June bride. And on this month, every magazine and newspaper splash cover photos of bridal fashion. What is the craze behind getting hitched in June? Tradition has it that this month holds the highest number of marriages in history.

The Roman poet Ovid pointed out that the sixth month of the year is named after the Roman goddess, Juno, the wife of Jupiter or after the Latin word, iuniores, meaning ‘younger ones’ as opposed to ‘maiores’ meaning ‘elders’. Yes, you can decipher “junior” and “mayor” from these two terms.

Juno is the goddess of marriage and a couple’s household. The Romans revered her in many forms, one of which is Juno lucina, the goddess of childbirth. So it has been a custom to marry in June. There is a saying that those who tied the knot in June is a bride forever. Thus it is considered lucky to walk down the aisle with one’s beloved.

Over the course of history, June marriages continued but acquired a different rationale.

To some, marrying in June might help them avoid the harvest season when couples are busy. They want to conceive in months away from the time when fields turn into gold.

In England, roses and honeysuckle bloom on this particular month. Thus June has been called, “the month of roses” and the fragrance of these flowers made its way into the bouquet brides carry to the altar.

But guess what? The reason for the fragrant bouquet is shocking. In the 15th century, June coincided with the English commoner’s “annual bath”  and thus the bouquet lends some perfume to a ‘freshly’ bathe bride. Or to hide their body odor.

In the Philippines, parish records tell us that June weddings are not necessarily popular. Economics has a role to play in the alteration. Philippine weddings peak mostly in December, January and February, and then resumes in the months of April and May.

December is the time for bonuses and a wedding will add more thrill to the already festive atmosphere of Christmas. January, February, April and May are months without extra financial obligations. These are months when I get booked to those who decided to get hooked.

On the other hand, the school year begins in June and ends in March. On these two months, people spend more for education than procreation.

The tenet that those who marry in June will be a bride for life is true of my mom who had dad all her life. Even after he passed away, my mom would visit dad’s grave every week.

But marrying in the sixth month of the year does not guarantee a happy and long-lasting marriage.

Especially, if you bathe only in June.

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