Focus on God

8 February 2010 Monday of the 5th Week in Ordinary Time
1 Kings 8, 1-13; Psalm 132; Mark 6, 53-56

The readings today, when meditated well, focus us on God alone.

The first reading is about a promised fulfilled. In 2 Sam 7, Yahweh promises David that his son will sit on the throne and would build a temple for the Lord. In this passage from the first book of Kings, we see the entire community of Israel, together with King Solomon, sacrificing a great number of sheep and oxen to the Lord, while watching a procession with the Ark of the Covenant. They will now bring the ark to the Holy of Holies, its final resting place in the Temple of Jerusalem. The ark contains the two stone tablets, which symbolize the covenant of Yahweh and Israel. By building the Temple, the king connects with Yahweh, showing his fidelity to Him. Because of this, the cloud that hovers in the Temple symbolizes the approval of the Lord.

The whole event focus on the one real King, the Lord Almighty. Even King Solomon bows down to him. The Lord is the one who fulfills His promises. We can therefore latch our full trust on Him.

The short Gospel also illustrates this truth. The market is a place of confusion. But the confusion acquires a focus when everyone hears about Jesus. They bring to Him all those who are sick and afflicted with disease. We see the scene: order is created when everyone’s attention turns to only one person.

Thus, those who wish to be intimate disciples of Jesus are asked to focus their faith on the only One whose touch can heal them of their brokenness and lack of meaning in their lives.

So gaze on God and God alone. We do hope that even our leaders will do the same.

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