Note on the First Sunday of Lent

25 February 2007: First Sunday of Lent
Luke 4, 1-13: The Temptations of Jesus

Note: Sorry for the absence the past week until today. We were so busy organizing our rock concert, Paglaum: A united hope for Bicol,” for the benefit of the typhoon victims last November 30, 2006. We are contributing to the rehabilitation of the Bicol Region. Last week, most of my homilies have been done in bullet points. I still have to write them in paragraph form.

This sunday, 25 February, I have not prepared anything yet, but I do have homilies about the Temptations of Jesus. Kindly search the blog for the homilies (yes, I have two) last year about temptations. You can search for the “first sunday of Lent” or “Temptations” or “5 March 2006”.

Thank you very much for your understanding. Will post the new homilies soon.

Published by Jboy Gonzales SJ

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